| Year 4

Year 4 have been finding out information about many aspects related to the island.The children in all three classes this term have been researching information about St. Lucia using the internet. They started the term by completing a passport form, which gave them permission to take a flight to the Caribbean and visit the island. Before they made their trip, they investigated how they could make their journey to St. Lucia. They discussed what items of clothing they would require during a visit to a tropical island and when in the year it would be good to visit this country. This was especially relevant as Hurricane Irma was causing devastation across the region at that time. The children took their flight to St. Lucia and the inflight information using power points and internet images gave them a clear first impression of this attractive island resort. They then wrote a postcard home recounting these and describing some of the tourist landmarks and activities that are available on the island. Most recently, the children have been discussing the advantages and disadvantages of tourism to St. Lucia.