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At the annual Winchester Primary Schools Swimming Gala, Sherborne House competed with a boys and girls team against 27 other local schools. This is a brilliant opportunity for the children to practise all the skills they have learnt in their swimming lessons in a competitive yet friendly environment.

In the Year 4 Boys' 25 metres Freestyle, Charles was 1st in his heat, in the Year 4 Girls' 25 metres Freestyle, Sage was 5th in her heat. In the Mixed stroke relays our boys' team were 2nd in their heat and the girls were 3rd. During the Freestyle relay events the boys' team were 4th in their heat and the girls were 1st in their heat. The teams did not reach the finals but instead took part in an invitational event. The boys' team were 2nd in their heat and the girls' team were 1st overall and won the cup.

Well done to all the swimmers for their effort and also for representing the school in such an excellent manner. In true Sherborne House style, the children were polite, kind and showed great enthusiasm throughout the gala.

Many thanks to all the parents for their assistance with transport and their great support.