| Year 2

In geography, we have been finding out about Chandler’s Ford. We began by locating it on Google Earth and making a note of the natural and man made features. We then went on a trip to Fryern Arcade to have a look at the different shops. On our way, we passed Hiltingbury Lakes and bid a fond farewell to our froglets.

In the precinct, the children were amazed at how many different types of shops there were; they were especially surprised by the number of estate agents. It was busy around the library area as it was election day, which provided a lively topic of conversation. There was great excitement when we passed ‘Waffles and Cream’ and much longing to go inside!

On our return to school, we reflected on the shops that we had seen. We sorted them into shops that we thought were vital for the community, those that were useful and those that were more of a ‘treat’. The children then designed their own Chandler’s Ford of the future and are currently busy making their 3-D models.