| Reception

This week, Reception have been authors of their own stories. Linked to our theme, 'Tomorrow’s World' the children learnt the story 'Whatever Next', they thought of their own actions for each part of the story and worked in small groups to perform their versions.

We then began to innovate first of all, the children brainstormed lots of ideas about how they could change the story setting, then as a class, we practised innovating the story to change the setting from the moon to the beach.

We thought about how that would affect the characters and also made some changes - instead of meeting an owl, we met a crab! Next, the children worked independently to create their own story maps. They were so creative with their settings and new characters, there were lots of excellent ideas. After creating their story maps and sharing their new versions of 'Whatever Next' with friends and teachers, Reception then wrote their stories thinking carefully about using their sounds to help them.

The children have also designed and made their own rockets to help rescue baby bear from the moon, they enjoyed flying their rockets and measuring who’s rocket travelled the farthest.