| Year 1

Are aliens real? What do they look like? Where do they live?

During our English lessons and linking to our theme ‘Tomorrow’s World’, we have been reading a picture book called ‘Man on the Moon’ by Simon Bartram. Bob is the main character and he is the man who travels to the moon each day in his rocket-ship to work. He tells us all about his busy day at work. He entertains tourists, cleans up the mess and has lunch with his friends. He tells us in the story that he hasn’t seen any aliens on the moon.

In our creative art lessons we have drawn our own space landscapes and have designed our own aliens. The children thought carefully about the body colour of their alien, how many eyes and legs it had and added any more of their own detail.

The children will be using plastic bottles as the body for their aliens and use crepe paper to collage and create their final alien masterpieces. We also have googly eyes and multi-coloured pipe cleaners. The children are very excited to make their aliens and take them home at the end of the theme.