| Reception

Our theme this half term is ‘The World is Our Oyster’ to get us started this week, we have been thinking about the places we live.

We learnt that we all live on planet earth and that this is part of something much bigger - the solar system. We discovered google earth which we used to find our school and have a look around to see whether or not we were near the coast.

Reception thought carefully about the different places they know on the earth such as beaches, forests, mountains and parks. Using their knowledge of adjectives, the children began to describe their favourite place, imagining that they were telling an alien who had never visited the earth all about it.

On Wednesday afternoon, we spent some time outside exploring our environments and discussing what we could see where we live. The children used ipads to take photographs of their favourite things. We thought about whether we would find the same things if we were at the beach!

To finish the week, we made a recommendation to someone visiting the earth for the first time to tell them where they should visit and why. The children recorded themselves making their recommendations and using their adjectives to help persuade the alien to visit.