| Reception

This week we have been welcoming new families to Reception in preparation for September.

At Sherborne House, we pride ourselves on developing strong relationships with parents and we always strive to support families during their transition to and from Reception. This week Head of Early Years, Miss Natalie Loat, enjoyed meeting parents of our Pre-Reception families and also families joining us from other settings to give them an insight into what makes our Reception so special.

All the parents were delighted to see how much progress our current Reception children have made since the start of the academic year and hear about many of the wonderful learning experiences the children have enjoyed this year.

Over the course of this term, Sherborne House will be hosting an array of activities to support children in their transition to Reception. The children will be joining us for a series of afternoons throughout which they will partake in activities such as learning the story of the Rainbow Fish and thinking about what it means to be a good friend; and sharing the things they particularly enjoy about school and celebrating what they are good at.

We are all extremely proud of all the achievements our current Reception children have made and are looking forward to preparing them for their new adventures in Year 1. Over the coming weeks, the children will begin to visit Year 1 and will be beginning to work on some activities to support them in their transition to Year 1 in September.