| Reception

Reception have been learning about Superheroes and thinking about their qualities.

This half term we have been learning about superheroes in fictional stories and real life superheroes. We received an email from Tom the Time Travel Superhero who had lost his watch and needed help to sequence his day. The children worked together to order the day for him using lots of time vocabulary. We have been learning about time and using vocabulary related to time. We then thought about what makes us super as part of our PSED and we learnt that we are all good at something. The children created their own superhero identities, naming their superheroes and describing their special powers. We have been lucky enough to enjoy visits from some real life superheroes this term who spend their time helping others - we had a visit from a vet and a coast guard and the children enjoyed finding out about what they do. See all the photos from the coastguard visit in our online gallery.