We experienced an extremely exciting morning on Monday 9th October when were very fortunate that Dr Hartley and her team of fantastic volunteers (doctors, nurses and medics) came to our school to teach basic life-support. This was a fantastic learning opportunity for our children and staff. In addition to this, the event formed part of the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of The Royal College of Emergency Medicine. Monday was the first day of the celebrations and was titled the ‘999 Day’.

Dr Hartley and her team gave an interesting and informative presentation in the Cedar Hall explaining to the children about why they were visiting our school and basic life support techniques. They showed the children how to do compressions to the sound of ‘Staying Alive’, which was fun but also memorable and conveyed a serious message. After the initial presentation, different year groups worked in groups to further enhance their learning and even practise on the dummies (and their teddies in Pre-reception and Reception!)

The children have certainly learnt the message:
  • Remember ‘Shout for Help’!
  • Dial 999
  • Push hard and fast to ‘Staying Alive’
We would like to sincerely thank Dr Hartley for taking the time to visit our school, and her wonderful volunteers – some of whom had visited our school immediately after a night shift at the hospital- and I have no doubt that the knowledge the children and staff have gained will help save future lives.