| Year 1

In English, we have been busy writing travel brochures to put in our travel agents. We have been learning about the different features of persuasive texts: rhetorical questions, powerful adjectives, bossy verbs and alliteration. We are very proud of our writing about visiting London and Scotland, as we remembered to include these features.

For homework, we had great fun making up alliterative sentences about our families. We shared them with the rest of the class and there was a great deal of laughter! In geography, we have learnt about the different oceans surrounding the U.K. and the main rivers. We have also discovered some of the United Kingdom’s most famous landmarks. We all wish that we could go on a school trip to visit some of these places.Our travel agents is now open, so do pop in if you wish to book an exciting holiday. You will also be able to admire our wonderful brochures!