| Reception

Yesterday morning, Reception were very excited to welcome some special visitors to their specialist P.E. session. The children invited their parents and other family members to watch and participate in their session.

The children enjoyed demonstrating various warm-up skills they have learnt using a range of movements. They were able to evidence their knowledge and understanding of the importance of warming up their muscles by devising their own warm-up movements, comprising of two different movements. The children were able to confidently perform their warm-ups to their parents, before excitingly watching their parents participate in their own warm-up routines.

This was followed by the children demonstrating their ball skills which included bouncing, throwing and catching before putting together a sequence of movements. They worked hard to use the available space effectively to ensure their movements were safe. To the children's amusement, their parents then went on to practice similar ball skills and performed their own unique sequence of ball skills.

Finally, the children showcased their current work in gymnastics by performing their hand jive dance which included partner work and sequences of moves. The children then welcomed their parents to join them to perform the dance together.

The session was thoroughly enjoyed by all and it was lovely to see the confidence the children had when expressing and showcasing their ideas to an audience. It was a great opportunity for parents to gain insight into the children’s P.E. sessions and we were very impressed by the enthusiasm and participation of all our special visitors!

Watch a short video below of the event and see some photos of the event here.