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Reception have been discovering lots of clues which have lead them to believe there could be a giant lurking in the school!

Last week, Reception arrived at school to discover some magic beans and a beanstalk growing in the classroom. They pieced together the clues to discover that they were going to be learning about Jack and The Beanstalk. The children were very puzzled by where the giant could be and thought the beanstalk might be growing up through the roof! After learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, they discovered some giant footprints leading them to a letter which explained the giant wanted to know about items that were longer or shorter than his feet. The children quickly became measuring detectives, selecting their own resources to measure with and comparing the different lengths of giants footprints and their own foot prints. Some children measured with cubes, others with string and some used rulers where we looked at the numbers and learnt they were measuring in centimetres. The children also constructed golden harps and threaded them with string.