| Year 6

On Monday 12 March Year 6 went to KES to spend a lesson with the Language department. We were offered the chance to learn some German! We started by identifying some famous logos of German brands. The teacher was amazed at how many the pupils recognised. We then practised how to greet people and introduce ourselves, followed by numbers to 20. The teacher taught us a rhyme to remember the numbers to 10. We were then able to figure out what the other numbers meant. The pupils really enjoyed playing bingo with the German numbers! Next we watched a short video on Christmas markets in Germany and learnt how to ask for something on a market. The teachers and pupils from KES went round the room listening to our dialogues and handing out prizes to the best ones. We finished our session with a very silly song about a crocodile! If you want we can sing you the chorus! Thank you very much to Mr Bennet, Mr Mathias and Mrs Domone for coming with us, and to everyone at KES for a fantastic afternoon! Danke schön!