| Year 1


A confused frog called Fay visited Year 1, asking for help! She was bemused by the strange black creatures that had hatched from her eggs! Could the children help her?

The Year 1 children have been learning about the different animal groups and received an email from Fay the confused frog who was hoping their expertise could help her. She wanted to know why her eggs didn’t look like other eggs she had seen and why strange black creatures had hatched and not baby frogs. The children researched the life cycle of a frog and wrote letters to Fay explaining why her eggs and babies seeed strange but were actually completely normal for a frog.

A few days later, the children were very excited to find that Fay had written back! She thanked the children and sent them a gift - a book called Tadpole’s Promise and some tadpoles! The children have been asked to write a new version of this story for Fay to read to her babies.

The Year 1 children are now learning the story and getting ready to write their own versions in their Talk4Writing unit of work.