| Year 4

Our unplugged day was a great success.

Everyone at home and in school had fun with the activities that had been planned by the teachers. Some enjoyed creating treasure maps, hiding items around their houses and gardens and then challenging their families to find them. We also had an exciting PE challenge: a bingo game that stretched our muscles as well as our minds. There were so many activities to choose from: we had Mars Rover fact files, story jars, pasta marble runs, code making, pointillism painting and lots of fantastic sunshine to enjoy.

In school, we went on a walk to the lakes and we saw lots of interesting flora and fauna, as well as spotting fascinating reflections on the surface of the water. We then spent the afternoon icing biscuits, which was messy as well as fun! We then took part in a scavenger hunt on the school field and created our own nature sculptures using what we had found.

Phew… what a day!