| Year 5


This term in gymnastics, the Year 5 pupils have been learning the techniques for performing and supporting handstands and headstands.

Both Year 5 classes have approached this topic enthusiastically; they have been eager to attempt headstands and handstands in their gymnastics topic of ‘Inversion’.

All of the pupils have displayed a mature attitude to the subject and challenged themselves to gain greater control whilst trying to perform handstands, headstands and other inverted balances. Their determination and keen attitude have been rewarded by all the pupils being able to perform either a handstand or headstand, with or without support - a notable achievement!

In their future lessons, the pupils will be working in pairs to integrate these inverted balances into a sequence using the low and high apparatus. Developing sequences will be demanding as it requires them to display control and stillness in their balances and also to link these together with fluidity using a variety of movements.