| Reception

The Elf had stuck an envelope to the whiteboard addressed to the Reception children. Mrs Lawrence opened the letter and soon the classroom and children were covered in glitter and sequins that the pesky elf had hidden inside. The letter explained that he had been sent by Father Christmas to watch the children and make sure they were well behaved at school. The elf would use his magic to report back each evening. However, there were two rules the children had to obey. Firstly, they were not allowed to touch the elf as he would lose his magic and secondly they had to think of a suitable name for the elf. The children offered several ideas about his name and once it was narrowed down to three, everyone in Reception voted for the name they liked the best. The elf became known as Elfie. As the children were supposed to be having a phonics lesson, Mrs Lawrence went to get the phonics activities from her cupboard. The activities had disappeared and Elfie had put ‘Elf Journals’ in their place! The children filled in the Journals excitedly while discussing what Elfie might do next.

On Monday, the children arrived at school to find that Elfie had emptied a glitter tub over the table and then laid in it to make a glitter angel! What a mess he had made! Elfie seemed to have disappeared on Tuesday. The children looked everywhere for him – even in the bins. We went to the hall to practise our Nativity…..and there Elfie was hanging from the wall bars and eager to see our rehearsal!

The following morning Elfie returned to the Reception classrooms and used the children’s trainers to make a shoe train. He was proudly sat in the first trainer, which belongs to Mrs Lawrence, with the other trainers with dolls, dinosaurs and a variety of animals in following behind!

On Thursday, Elfie teamed up with Tinsel, the elf in Pre-reception. This was double trouble! The two naughty elves had taken all the children’s wellies off the rack and had thrown them on the floor making a terrible mess. By Friday, the other toys were obviously fed-up with Elfie’s antics and had wrapped him up with paper and the dinosaurs surrounded him. I wonder if he will escape by Monday?