| Year 6

Following on from our Harvest Festival celebrations on the 4th October, the four senior prefects and Mr. Bennet visited the Nightshelter to hand deliver the donations made from families at Sherborne House School. Below is a short piece written by the four senior prefects who were lucky enough to gain more insight into the nightshelter when they delivered the donations.

When we arrived, we unloaded our school’s donations and delivered them to the kitchen/dining room. Then, we met two members of staff who work at the nightshelter called Sharron and Angela. Sharron was the food coordinator who talked to us about how the shelter receives food from other schools and churches. Sharron told us that the staff only provide the residents with breakfast and dinner. Sharron mentioned that there was a nearby place for the people to have lunch.

Angela was our tour guide who worked in the office. First, she took us to the laundry room where there was one washing machine and a rack to dry clothes. Some of the residents didn’t know how to wash and dry their clothes, so the staff teaches them how to do it by themselves. Angela showed us the rota that the residents use to know which day is their turn to wash their clothes.

Next, she led us through a narrow corridor, which eventually led us to the food storeroom. All of the food in the storeroom had handwritten dates on them, which helped the staff know which food to use up first. Angela told us that, when there was not enough space in the storeroom to keep all of the food in, they would use a nearby garage which they rented.

Soon after, we visited the clothes storeroom where all the spare clothes and blankets were kept. There were also extra beds for when it is very cold for people outside the Nightshelter. Spare beds are put in the lounge when there are extra people.

After that, we went to the lounge room where the residents can watch tv and have warm drinks and soups.

Angela then showed us to the bedrooms which smelt of tobacco because the residents were allowed to smoke in their bedrooms so that they could feel at home. Their rooms were bigger than we thought. Some people had to share a bedroom but most had their own rooms. Most of the people kept their rooms tidy .

Finally, she showed us to the office. In the office there was are glass trophy from the queen herself. On the trophy, there was a crown made up of tiny people. They won this award for servicing the homeless. Angela worked hard in the office and her job was to take care of the administration at the nightshelter.

After our brilliant tour, we said a huge thank you and got back in the taxi and went back to school.

From this experience, we’ve learnt that we are very lucky to have what we have and should be grateful for everything people do for us.