| Year 6

The children watched a mockumentary on ‘The Majestic Plastic Bag’, from which they gained knowledge on plastic pollution in the ocean. Their task was then to inform and persuade their audience to reduce plastic consumption. This writing could take any form that they chose and a wide variety work was produced (including poems, songs, leaflets and posters). In addition to this, the children have been polishing up their speaking and listening skills by rehearsing and presenting an extract from their chosen book. We have extremely impressed by their choices of passage and their response to questions.

Light has been our new topic in science and the children have been enjoying making and experimenting with their shadow puppets. They are thinking of their own investigations involving shadows, to develop over the next week.

Following on from the work of Andy Goldsworthy the children are in the process of making an autumn collage, using wax resist techniques.