| Nursery

This week in Badgers we were lucky enough to be given some frogspawn to nurture!

We placed what frogspawn carefully into a tank and waited to see what would happen. The Badgers were keen to make predictions about what frogspawn might be and what might hatch from it.

Later in the week, we explored the life cycle of a frog. We used the big screen, our own knowledge, books and songs to support the our learning.

Badgers have enjoyed taking part in a variety of frog themed activities to develop their senses and skills. One of their favourite activities was making green playdough with raisins to make their own green, speckled frogs to coincide with the ‘Five Little Speckled Frogs Song’. We used the pincer tongs to remove the raisins to develop their fine motor skills. We also made green porridge and shaped apple slices into frogs and added banana slices to represent lily pads for a yummy snack treat.

During our P.E we have been developing our jumping skills, just like frogs, we also explored how to move like our other favourite animals such as galloping like a horse, slithering like a snake. We have had a fun filled week watching how the tadpoles have changed. |Badgers have noticed that they have gotten bigger, grown legs and have learned what tadpoles eat and where they live.