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European Day of Languages.

Thanks to many of our parents, the children at Sherborne House, from Pre-Reception up to Year 6, had the opportunity to discover a diverse range of languages from Arabic to Russian and many more. As well as being a lot of fun, it also gave our pupils the chance to widen their intercultural understanding of the heritage of our continent.

Pre-Reception had the pleasure of learning Greek with Mrs Skiada whilst Reception tackled learning Dutch with Mrs Robinson. Year 1 rose to the challenge of learning Arabic with Mrs Hanafy and Hindi with Mrs Kalsi. Year 2 discovered the Farsi language with Mrs Ganjavian-Connor whilst Year 3 tackled Greek with Mrs Skiada and Arabic with Mrs Al-Rawi. Year 4 had the pleasure of learning Hindi with Mrs Kalsi and Arabic with Mrs Hanafy. Year 5 were very busy learning Hindi with Mrs Kalsi, Dutch with Mrs Robinson and Russian with Mrs Eremina. And finally, Year 6 had the pleasure of discovering Russian with Mrs Eremina and Hindi with Mrs Somani.

All the pupils had a wonderful time and enjoyed learning about a new language and a new culture. We would all like to thank everyone who came in to speak to the children and help them to discover new interests. Thank you as well to Mrs Westbrook and her team for providing us with a lunch with international flavours. It was delicious and added to the whole experience!

See some of the photos from the day here.