| Pre-Reception


Coming back after Christmas has been a little bit cold, a little bit windy, and a little bit rainy.

In Pre-Reception, the children have been looking at signs of Winter and what they might find at this time of year. Together, the class talked about having to wear hats, scarves, gloves and trousers to keep themselves warm.

The children were excited to discover big blocks of ice in the water tray with some arctic animals stuck in the ice. The children made up stories and discussed what happens to ice and water when it gets cold/warm.

Pre-Reception have also been busy painting some Winter scene pictures using blue and white paint, adding glitter and sequins. The class discussed it snowing in the Winter and the different things they can do in the snow. The children's favourite thing to do in the snow is to build snowmen; so the children made a melting snowman biscuit whilst they wait for the real snow to arrive!

The children have all been very inquisitive learning about Winter, and will now be extending their learning stories which are based in the Winter, to stories such as Stick Man and The Gruffalo’s Child.