| Year 3

As part of the history curriculum in Year 3, the children have been discovering and learning about the Titanic. As a way of bringing history to life, and to help build on the children's understanding and knowledge of the topic, Year 3 embarked on a learning adventure to the SeaCity Museum in Southampton.

After arriving and being met by one of the SeaCity education team, the children began their discovery session about Titanic’s Southampton story. The children were quick to notice that many of the crew on board the Titanic were from Southampton.

In groups, the children were all set a question which they needed to investigate and answer. They looked for clues in the museum and discovered some interesting facts about the Titanic that aren't commonly known. The children uncovered that the Titanic nearly hit another ship called ‘New York’ when it was leaving Southampton on its maiden voyage and that there were 3 anchors on board.

Year 3 also participated in a workshop about life on board the Titanic. The children had four problem-solving activities during the workshop which they were challenged to complete. They started by learning about Morse Code and even has to decipher some codes themselves. The children also looked closely at some artefacts and investigated them in more detail.

In small groups, the children also had to discuss who they would put on board a lifeboat - they had to remember that women and children got priority. The final activity was about the chambers in the Titanic. They estimated how many chambers needed to be full to make the Titanic sink. They tested their answer using water and an ice-cube tray. They discovered that it only took five flooded chambers to sink!

After lunch, the children had the opportunity to dress up in costumes for each of the different class passengers and crew members. They also learnt how to steer the ship and stoke the coals.

See photos taken from the trip here.