| Year 3

Terrific Tessellations

The new half term has brought a flurry of activity back to Year 3. In art we have been looking at the area of tessellations, linking nicely with World Maths Day.

We have created our own tessellating shapes from an 8cmx 8cm square. Carefully following some rather tricky instructions we have constructed our own original and unique shapes that slide together beautifully when placed next to each other. We then explored the use of colour to bring our designs to life.

Exciting Experiments

Over the last 2 weeks we have been deciding what we would like to learn about in STEM. During our first lesson back after half term, we discussed the many possible areas of study around plants. One of the common themes (apart from carnivorous plants) was the idea of running experiments around plant growth. This week the we have worked in pairs and small groups to discuss questions that we would like to answer. We have designed some plant growth experiments, based around these questions. We wait with baited breath to find the answer to questions such as...

‘Does coke affect how quickly plants grow?’

‘Will milk, instead of water help the peas to grow more quickly?

‘If we add honey to our growing pea plants, will resulting peas taste sweeter?

‘Will the addition of food colouring when watering, make our pea plants change colour?’