| Year 3

The children have learnt how many teeth we have as children and adults, about the structure of teeth and that there are many different types of teeth in our mouth; incisors, canines, pre-molars and molars. They also know that some adults get wisdom teeth! The children were able to explain the importance of brushing our teeth, how many times a day we should brush them and how long for. If you do not look after your teeth, you will get cavities. In our classes, the children set up an experiment to find out what happens to our teeth if we do not look after them. We used eggs in our experiment as their shells are like the enamel on our teeth. They discussed that different liquids we drink can damage our teeth and we decided to use water, coke, tea, juice and vinegar for the experiment. The children discussed other liquids that we could have used. The children took it in turns to help Miss Parkinson and Miss Currey set up the experiment and understood that it needed to be a fair test. To ensure this, they explained that lots of things needed to stay the same; cup size, amount of liquid, eggs from same box, same size eggs, location in the classroom, temperature and the same amount of time. The one thing the children were changing each time was the liquid. They also knew to handle the eggs VERY carefully so they did not break. We covered the cups in cling film and tied an elastic band around the top to stop them from spilling. The children made predictions for what they thought would happen before recording their results.