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At the beginning of the term, we were pleased to announce that we would be continuing to use the teaching method 'Talk 4 Writing' across the school. The initiative enables children to develop their writing skills through genre-based units of work and learning through mastery level texts. You can read more about the initiative here.

The initiative is now in full swing across the school and in recent weeks has helped accelerate the learning experience for Year 1 children who have been focusing their work on a story about Pirate Pete.

The children were sent a very important message from Mr Smee who had a BIG problem. Captain Hook was furious because he did not have any new bedtime stories! Mr Smee sent the children a message as he knows they are such good story writers and asked them to write a new version of Captain Hook’s favourite story, 'Pirate Pete', for him to read to Captain Hook at bedtime.

Using the 'Talk 4 Writing' teaching method, Year 1 children learnt and remembered the text of Pirate Pete. They are now practising all the skills in their writing toolkit that will be required to write a fantastic new story for Captain Hook. We look forward to seeing the results in the upcoming weeks!