| Year 3


This term, the children in Year 3 have continued to learn through the Talk 4 Writing technique in English and are currently learning about ‘journey tales’. A journey tale is when a character goes on an adventure, something happens and there is a problem. The character solves the problem and eventually ends up safe and well.

At the start of each of the Talk 4 Writing topic, the children spend time drawing and learning a story map to help with their understanding of the story. Last week, the children were lucky enough to be joined by their parents, who helped them draw the next paragraph in ‘The Magic Bed’ journey tale.

They worked cooperatively in their small groups and thought carefully about the different pictures that they could use. The children thought back to what had been used in the previous paragraphs of the story. After that, they then were required to create and learn actions to the story before presenting it to the class.

Well done to the Year 3 children for using fantastic teamwork and collaboration skills in this task. Thank you to all the Year 3 parents for joining the children and helping with their Talk 4 Writing creation. We hope that this gave you an insight into how the children's understanding and knowledge of a story develops using the Talk 4 Writing technique.