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We are very pleased to be continuing to use the teaching method "Talk 4 Writing" across the school. This initiative is enabling children to develop their writing skills through genre-based units of work and learning through mastery level texts.

It is a powerful initiative because it enables the children to imitate the language they need for a particular topic orally before reading and analysing it and then writing their own version.

At Sherborne House, teachers have all received Talk 4 Writing training and have already seen the positive impact that this method of teaching and learning has on children’s writing, reading and spelling. Year 3, for example, began their Talk 4 Writing unit all about newspaper reports.

As a year group, they read a newspaper report headlined ‘Martians hit mega meteorite!’ published by the Intergalactic News. They first thought about what made a good newspaper report in teams and devised a ‘toolkit’. Next, they began to text map the introduction using lots of pictures to help remember what happened. From this, they thought about actions to match the pictures.

The pupils are really enjoying the Talk 4 Writing initiative, with Year 3 commenting that they liked learning the actions to help them understand the story. We look forward to seeing our flourishing writers develop their skills throughout all year groups.