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Y5 and Y6's tadpoles are a little slower developing than the Nursery’s, as these mini frogs jumped from the nest and were released from whence they came.

The nursery tadpoles had finally hatched out of their eggs and developed external gills, which allow them to absorb oxygen from the water for a few days, before their internal gills develop. The tadpole external gills are amazingly frilly, in order to create a large surface area and increase the amount of oxygen that can enter their circulatory systems.

More special needs attention required for the remaining tadpoles – who are just starting to grow legs and about to go home with Mrs Evans (Y6) and William (Y5) for the holidays.

Yusef spotted an added bonus in our Y6 bowl - a mayfly - had hatched out from its nymph form during the afternoon and was hanging on the edge of the pot, drying its wings. We've moved it to the flowerbed so that it can be free when it's ready to fly. The nymph would have been in the pond water that came from Mrs Evans’ garden when the tadpole pot was first set up.