| Year 4

The children were set a challenge to help them apply their understanding of calculating the four operations with decimals. They were told that Augustus Gloop was visiting Chandlers Ford from his home in Germany. He usually ate £50 worth of sweets every day. Now he had to go on a diet and cut back so he only ate £10 worth of sweets every day instead. They were given a list of items such as: Everlasting gobstoppers, Wonka Fudgemallow bars, crisps, lollies etc. Each had a different amount and different price. The children had to spot if they could divide up any of the amounts into smaller parts e.g. 3 Fudgemallow bars are £1.50 so 1 Fudgemallow bar would be 50p. The children worked in pairs to investigate different challenges such as ‘could they find a way that he could have just chocolate, or just sweets’ or ‘could he have a bit of everything’. The children were thoroughly engaged and enjoyed applying their understanding of calculating with decimals in a fun and practical way.