| Year 2

The children in Year 2 have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of chicken eggs from ‘Living Eggs’ a chicken hatching programme designed for schools to support children’s learning about Life Cycles and how to care for and nurture a living creature.

On Monday 10 eggs in an incubator arrived in school along with a brooder box, chick feed, waterer and bedding.

The children learned why the eggs needed to stay in the incubator, where it was warm and humid until the hatching process was due to begin.

We did not have to wait long!

On Tuesday afternoon, our first chick hatched, closely followed by a second during the night. The children have been able to observe at close hand the pipping, as the egg begins to crack and reveal the new baby chick inside. Today we have been enthralled to watch with the children, as another six eggs have hatched safely.

As the first chicks have now dried sufficiently, and the sheath over their feathers has broken away, allowing them to ‘fluff’ up, they will be transferred into the brooder box. During this stage, they will be kept warm in the brooder box with a special light bulb, given water and feed and have their bedding changed twice daily.

We are going to track our new arrivals as they continue to change and develop and share the learning adventure that our Year 2 children are now experiencing.