| Year 2

In their English lessons, the children in Year 2 have really enjoyed developing their wider understanding of traditional tales through the use of story language: making comparisons between settings, discussing different characters and identifying the moral of the tale.

Using their prior learning and innovation they thought carefully about how a story could be changed. After some detailed planning, involving different characters and changed settings, the pupils were ready to write their own version of their selected traditional tale.

The stories were amazing and demonstrated how imaginative and creative our young writers can be. The stories have been put into individual books, which the children have illustrated on the front cover and named with their new title.

Some examples of these exciting stories are: The Elves and the Jumper Maker, Ogre in Boots, Josh and the Three Foxes and The Three Little Wolves.

The children are now looking forward to reading their stories to the children in Nursery and Reception, before they go on display in the Year 2 classrooms.