| Year 5

The past fortnight has been chock-a-block with exciting activities at school and Y5 have been in the thick of it across all subject areas. This week they were asked to elaborate a little on their usual ‘What Stuck with You?’ Post-it note answers in order to give a flavour of the wealth of learning opportunities that they have experienced recently.

Blake – I enjoyed Zoolab because we were feeling animals that you may not be able to feel in the rest of your life and we learnt to try new things like holding a cockroach.

Arun – I love Silly Science because it was really fun. I learnt that chemical changes took place and I learnt that a fire needs heat and oxygen and fuel. This would help me to make a fire in future or know how to put one out.

Anu – I enjoyed the KES Roadshow because they blew air at a drum and a candle with an airzooka and I learnt that the movement of air that you can’t see could make a sound.

Haya – I really liked the book fair because I got to see lots of new books that I might want to read and I found some books that could help me with finding out things about subjects I don’t know.

Lucy – the catapult challenge with the Y1 was good because we had fun with children we didn’t really know. We got to compete and have fun. I learnt that it is good to test out a design and then change things and try again.

Arjun – I like discussing sacrifices in RE because I learnt that they are modern and ancient pictures of Jesus being crucified at Easter and I could use the skills of art appreciation if I went to college.

Amber – I enjoyed STEM week activities like the Zoolab and making structures with 1J. I learned that a Cockroach can eat everything except metal, glass and plastic!

George – This week I really enjoyed the KES roadshow and loved learning more science vocabulary. These are important skills for me as when I’m older I want to be a biologist and using the correct vocabulary is very important!

Evie – All of the science week activities have stuck with me because I really enjoyed all the visitors coming in to talk about different interesting subjects such as ‘How does sound travel?’. These are important skills because in the future it could help you become a scientist and I want to show people that females can be scientists too!