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As part of STEAM Week, the children have been participating in a range of activities to further their knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Focus weeks, such as STEAM Week, strengthen the children's abilities to be creative and flexible problem solvers, to explore different ideas and to take every opportunity to discover something new. With STEAM projects, pupils learn by inventing, creating and designing.

The week started with each of the Key Stage 2 classes enjoying a Virtual Reality Workshop and using the VR headsets (similar to binoculars) to experience 360 degree perspective of the place they were visiting. Year 3 visited Ancient Egypt, Year 4 the Romans, Year 5 space and Year 6 the Seven New Wonders of the World.

On Tuesday, a special guest arrived in assembly! The children were being given a talk on dinosaurs when a 6 year old tyrannosaurus rex called Sophie walked in. The children were given information on the tyrannosaurus rex, how it moved, what it ate and its features. Some children were brave enough to stroke the dinosaur as she moved around the Cedar Hall and all the classes had a photograph taken with the tyrannosaurus rex. Following on from this excitement, each group attended a Long Ago workshop in which they searched in sand for a variety of fossils and had to identify the type.

The LEGO Technics workshop for Key Stage 1 developed the children’s computer skills as they used programming software to make a LEGO model move. They were able to make a fairground model and as one teacher said they were in awe and wonder at what could be achieved.

Zoolab visited the school on Wednesday and Thursday so that the children were able to meet some different creatures and have the opportunity to stroke and hold them. Cuthbert the cockroach, Saturn the corn snake, Maud the bearded dragon lizard, Megan the guinea pig and Steve the scorpion (who stayed in the box) were all introduced to the children and their characteristics, feeding habits and habitats discussed. The children were able to ask the knowledgeable ranger questions to increase and develop their knowledge.

The engineering part of STEAM week in Years 5 and 6 was met with enthusiasm as the children were given the task of making a model of the Eiffel Tower. With the classrooms full of discussion, art straws, card, wooden lollipop sticks and masking tape were formed into their versions. There was a hive of activity as the structures took shape ready for the test of a LEGO figure standing on one of the platforms. In other year groups, the task was to build a bridge and a variety of materials were provided from building bricks to paper, card and art straws depending on the age of the children. Various designs of bridges were produced and tested.

Mrs Domone, Year 5 Tutor and STEAM Co-ordinator