| Year 6

In history, the children started their topic by finding out about the causes of the Second World War and writing a newspaper front page for the day after the declaration of war by the Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. They watched some footage of dogfights and heard from pilots involved in the Battle of Britain. We discussed the Battle of Britain Memorial sculpture in London and each child was given an image of part of the sculpture to describe.

In geography, the children’s first task was to complete a large map of Europe; they were each given a country which they had to cut out very carefully and, using an atlas, identify. The challenge was then to fit all these ‘jigsaw’ pieces together! They then carried out research into the physical features of some eastern European countries.

In ICT, the children have been experimenting with the use of digital media. Linked with our Andy Goldsworthy artwork, the children have been learning the steps involved in stop animation. They have designed their own story boards, collected their nature resources, taken step by step photos of their artwork, imported to some animation software (manipulated as needed) and added music too. I think they even surprised themselves with some of the end results…