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Venue: Farleigh

Date: 24-1-19

Team: U9 SHS Sharks

U9 SHS Dolphins




U9A Farleigh

U9B Farleigh

U9C Farleigh

Report: A very pleasing first ever hockey match for the girls. They played a mini festival against 3 teams. It was a steep learning curve for the girls and they rose to the challenge, developing a better understanding of the rules and tactics of the game. DS

Team: Sharks: Farah, Poppy F, Alba, Ruby, Poppy P, Kea (C), Sage, Lola and Ava.

Dolphins: .Aanya, Kaavya, Rose, Caitlin, Mia, Juliette (C) , Saachi, Bella and Tabetha.

Player of the Match: Sharks - Kea for her attacking play and then quick to chase back and defend.