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Venue: PGS

Date: 8.5.19

Team: SHS U10 Blue





Report: Batting in pairs the girls worked well to accumulate 59 runs in their first innings, losing one wicket. They fielded well with catches from Roxy and Shreya. Holly H, Elle and Jess A demonstrated promising bowling skills. Losing narrowly, I have no doubt they enjoyed this first taste of cricket. DS

Team: Jess A ©, Elle, Holly H, Roxy, Shreya, Ellie, Jess C, Rosie.

Player of the Match: Batting - Jess A Fielding - Roxy and Holly H.


Date: 8.5.19

Team: SHS U10 Red





Report: The red team put out an excellent performance, fielding well and scoring 67 runs in their first innings. Anaiya took a catch and Jess P demonstrated good bowling skills. Holly S, Honor and Isabella hit the boundary when batting and the red team narrowly won their match. DS

Team: Jess P (C), Honor, Sophie M, Holly, Anaiya, Priya, Isabella, Sophie Bq.

Player of the Match: Batting - Isabella Fielding - Jess P.

Venue: Salisbury Cathedral School

Date: 15 May

Team: SHS U11Red





Report: The girls fielded well taking two wickets and a fine catch from Lily F. We saw some very accurate throws to the bowler. When batting Anu and Evie hit to the boundary to score fours, however we lost 3 wickets and a catch. Had we played with 4 pairs we would have won 219-216, however with our extra pair SCS fielded their strongest pair to win the game by a very fine margin. DS

Team: Lucy, Anu (C) , Lily F, Issy, Evie, Emily, Sophie, Tamsin, Annie and Thea.

Player of the Match: Batting - Evie Fielding - Lily F.

Venue: Salisbury Cathedral School

Date: 15 May

Team: SHS U11 Blue




U11/10B SCS

Report: The girls worked hard and had lots of fun in their first match. Emilia bowled well as did Ayushna. When batting the girls rose to the challenge to win the match by 8 runs. DS

Team: Lily E (C), Emilia, Loella, Ruby, Alice, Amber, Mandy, Ayushna and Rosie.

Player of the Match: Batting - Rosie Fielding - Ayushna and Emilia.

Venue: Alton


Team: U9A Rounders

13 ½



Alton U9A

Report: We started well getting 3 players out and keeping Alton to 2 ½ rounders. We batted with both Alba, Juliette and Farah using their speed around the bases to score full rounders and lots of halves from Lola, Poppy F, Ava and Sage, we scored 6. The second innings saw consistent bowling from Lola, sharp fielding from Poppy P and Ava and Alton scored 4 ½ rounders. We batted knowing we needed 1 ½ rounders to win. The girls didn’t disappoint with Ava, Poppy P and Alba scoring rounders and with more halves from all the girls we won comfortably. Well played girls. DS

Team: Lola, Poppy F, Ava, Farah, Kea, Juliette, Poppy P (C), Alba, Sage and Kaavya.

Player of the Match: Batting - Poppy P and fielding - Lola.