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Last week, children from Pre-Reception to Year 6 took part in Sports Day.

Early Years started off this year's Sports Day in the morning with a little help from the Year 6 children. The older children split up in groups to help the children in Pre-Reception and Reception; some staying with certain activities and leading them; others walking around with groups of younger children and helping them with other events.

The children had the opportunity to try everything and rotated around seven events: the sprint, aiming bean bags into hoops, throwing the soft javelins, the dressing up race, bean bag animal shuttle and the water run. Prior to Sports Day, the Early Years children practised each of the seven events so that they were confident to try each activity on the day.

The emphasis of the morning was to have fun and take part, although in doing so, all the children developed their speed, agility, throwing and aiming skills in the variety of events. Equally, the children in Year 6 demonstrated their leadership skills.

In the afternoon, Years 1 - 6 followed with their events, and the Year 6 children continued with their fantastic organisation and leadership skills as the pupils assisted with laying out, organising the equipment during the event and assisting with clearing away at the end.

The afternoon was split into three age groups: Years 1 and 2, Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6.

All children, in their respective age group, competed in a 40 M. sprint, egg and spoon race, skipping race, sack race, object pick up, 3-legged race, obstacle race and the house shuttle relay. The top two age groups had the added challenge of also competing in a 40 M. hurdles race.

As well as showing fantastic teamwork skills, Sports Day allows all the children to learn to compete and how to cope with their own success or failure both individually and as a member of a team. The children are encouraged to support those pupils who find some skills difficult to master and to realise the importance of 'every cog in the wheel' is important.

Well done to Pines for winning Sports Day and to all the children for their effort, handwork and determination! A huge thank you to all the parents and grandparents who were able to come and support the children with such enthusiasm. It was a brilliant day of teamwork and sport - and even a bit of sunshine too!

See some photos from Sports Day in our photo gallery.