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So far this term, the Pre Reception and Reception children have been working on developing their movement vocabulary in gymnastics.

They have started each session with a warm up by playing traffic lights and musical statues. These games have helped them to develop their spatial awareness as they move in and around each other. It also helps them to try a variety of different steps to improve their agility, balance and coordination.

Skipping and hopping are two key skills that we have been working to develop throughout the Early Years. The children have learnt how to move on their hands and feet by trying a caterpillar walk, a crab walk and jump, a frog jump, a spider walk and then bunny jumps.

The children in Reception progress to choose their favourite skills to add to a sequence including balances and log rolls. Now they have a good movement vocabulary, they can progress to work on benches, tables, low beams, wall bars and tunnels. They can move freely under, over, on and through the apparatus to develop their gross motor skills and coordination. They have shown a good awareness of the safety for themselves and others as they jump and land safely from the apparatus and when they move freely around the hall.

In our games lessons, we have worked to gain more control of different implements. They have balanced bean bags on different body parts then tried aiming them into hoops to improve their hand-eye coordination. They have had fun gaining better control of hoops and quoits.

We have worked at catching a big ball individually and then using a bounce pass to a partner. These catching and throwing skills are further developed as they progress throughout the school. From Year 3 they have competitive matches against other schools in netball, hockey, football, rugby, rounders and cricket.

In Early Years, we give the children a foundation, building on key skills, to enable them to develop their all-round health and fitness for the future.

See some photos here from Reception's class this week.