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Six pupils from Sherborne House School were invited, by the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton, to act as Primary Reporters and review the show 'Some Like It Hip Hop!'.

The six pupils were invited to see the show before starting to write their review. The pupils were thrilled to have been asked to do such an important job and had great fun working together on their written piece.

Below is the review written by Fraser, Priya, Annika, Andrew, Rosie, and Charlie.

Some Like It Hip Hop!

‘Some Like it Hip Hop!’ promised to be a dance extravaganza, a visual treat for the eyes, based on the popular Shakespeare story ‘Twelfth Night,’ and it didn’t disappoint.

As the curtain pulled back, we were unsure of what to expect. A whole show of dance - how could it possibly have a storyline? How could it possibly convey any real emotions? How could it possibly last two hours when we knew there would probably be very little speech?

In truth, it was a marvellous, magical and, at times, mischievous production that kept us entertained and enthralled throughout.

The story tells the tale of a town in peril: a town where darkness spreads like wildfire across the land. It is a town where books are banned. A town where women are under-valued and under-estimated, judged to be simple-minded. A town where women are only useful for serving the men in the city. A depressing and gloomy period of place and time that we would never want to visit. But, even when it seems like hope is gone, there are some determined to make a change. This change will come, impacting the lives of those in the city forever.

Under a moving spotlight, the characters were first introduced with their own, personal dance moves to show their personalities. The outstanding and polished hip hop dances were energetic and fabulous and performed to perfection. The precise moves showed that everyone in the town had to obey the governor, behaving in a way that was acceptable to this overbearing ruler.

In contrast, one character was very different. A wacky character and the odd one out - he was one of our favourites as he made us laugh. He did different moves and when he was told to floss, he flossed his teeth!

Although a bit scary and intimidating, another of our favourite characters was the governor. When his shadow was cast across the stage, it really showed us his anger and the emotions he was feeling. It also showed how he towered over his people.

Throughout the performance, we were impressed by the dance flips and tricks. Some of our favourite scenes included the wrestling scene - because of the lighting- and all the cheeky celebrations. We also loved the scene where the governor’s past is revealed by his daughter’s sad tale.

This fantastic show had all of us wanting to get up and dance. Our teachers were embarrassing - their wacky dancing was strange. We did remind them that they should be behaving themselves as they were also representing the school! However, we have to admit that before the end of the show, all of our feet were jiggling.

We would recommend this show to anyone over the age of 8 years old. (It included a bit of cheekiness!) It was such a good show to glue our eyes to and we were engaged from start to finish.