| Year 1

The children in Year One have been fully immersed in our ‘Potions and Explosions’ topic this half term and have enjoyed all things magical!

In art for the past few weeks, the children have been making their own cauldrons. To start with, the children were each given their own balloons. Balloons were used to give the cauldron the curved shape.

They then used the sticky paper mache glue to stick on layers of paper - some of the children put on over 5 layers! Some children were hesitant to put their hands into the glue initially - this didn’t last long and were fully stuck in before you knew it! We talked about how each layer would make the cauldron even stronger.

After a week, the balloons were ready to pop and the cauldrons began to take shape.

The next job was to make a strong handle for their cauldron. The children scrunched and rolled A3 paper into a tube shape and wrapped it in more sticky, slimy paper mache glue and paper.

The children will be using their colour mixing skills from a few weeks ago to then paint their finished cauldrons!