| Year 1

The children in Year 1 have been practising counting in steps and groups of two.

During our maths lessons this week, the children have been busy learning to count accurately in 2s. Initially, the children were shown a 100 square and identified each of the numbers when counting in 2s from zero. The children remembered from our previous learning that these numbers were all even. They then were able to clearly explain that the numbers are all odd if you start from 1 on the 100 square.

From here, the children then moved onto counting in groups of 2. We counted socks, boots, hands, ears, bicycles...to name a few! They had to be very careful not to lose track and count the objects twice! Our next step was to count in 2s in number sequences. Some of the number sequences started at zero but others started on a selection of numbers up to 100… The children had to look carefully to see if the sequence was going forwards or backwards.

Finally, the children solved a selection of reasoning problems. These involved them deciding if answers are correct or incorrect and explaining their answers and method.