| Year 3

In their art lesson this week, the children in Year 3 have been sketching pictures of Shakleton’s ship called the Endurance.

In English, Year 3 have been learning about Ernest Shackelton and his expedition to cross Antarctica. They have enjoyed discussing his epic adventures and writing about his experiences during his trip. In art we have been looking at creating our own icescapes using wax and colour wash techniques to add extra depth to their work.

This week we have been looking in more detail at Shackleton’s ship, Endurance. They have studied how it suffered in the antarctic conditions and how it eventually met its sad end. The children have been recreating images from the book ’Shackleton’s Journey’. They have drawn pictures of how it would have looked when new, when it was trapped by the ice and finally showing its ultimate destruction.

Well done Year 3, it is wonderful to see your sketching skills getting so good.