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This year, the school has extended the number of committees with child representation. The various school committees - School Council, Playground Committee and Food Committee - have worked on a number of different projects to engage with pupil voice across the school.

This enables the children's voices to be heard and helps them all to feel part of the whole school community. The school committees meet on a regular basis to set agendas, discuss new initiatives and reflect on the discussions that have happened in their form meetings.

Some of the initiatives currently underway across the school include:

  • The Playground Committee have purchased new playground equipment to ensure each child enjoys their playground experience to its fullest. The playground equipment is now being used and enjoyed by all the children. The Playground Committee have asked each pupil to reflect on the effectiveness of the equipment purchased so that they can look to further improve any areas for development.
  • The Food Committee are currently looking into the choice of snacks at playtime available to all the children. The Committee met with the catering team to suggest their ideas and changes to the snacks on offer at break times. A number of new snacks have already been tried, however, this is an ongoing initiative which is constantly being reviewed by the Food Committee. This also prompted discussions around plastic use, recycling and food waste. The Committee will be looking at ways to reduce the food waste at lunchtimes in the near future.
  • The School Council are hosting a competition across the school to design new House Flags. The competition, open to all children in school, will go to house meetings at the start of next term for the winners to be decided. We look forward to updating you on this and sharing the winning designs!
  • The School Council are looking to introduce House PE shirts. The Council are currently are looking at tee shirt designs and logos for each different house, matched to new house flag designs.
  • The School Council has worked on re-introducing the school shop. This gives the children in school the opportunity to choose what they would like in the shop and then the School Council stock the items that the rest of the school would like to purchase. Funds raised from this are then handed back to the School council so they can begin to look at how they can best spend the money to benefit all pupils.

We look forward to communicating more from the School Council, Playground Committee and Food Committee, what they are working on and what they hope to achieve in the future!