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In celebration of European Day of Languages (EDL) 2020 Sherborne House School created a ‘Language Day Bake Off’.

Because Language Day fell on a Saturday this year, our children were able to take a bit of Europe home with them, by celebrating the diversity of languages in the world at home - by choosing a country and baking a cake, fairy cakes, brownies or other goodies, to be decorated to represent the country of their choice.

The European Day of Languages (EDL) was first celebrated in 2001 during the European Year of Languages. After this the Council of Europe voted to make it an annual celebration. It is now celebrated every 26 September when millions of people in the Council's member states and elsewhere organise or take part in activities to promote linguistic diversity and the ability to speak other languages.

The aim is to draw attention to Europe's rich linguistic and cultural diversity, but also to extend the range of languages that people learn throughout their lives in order to develop their plurilingual skills and reinforce intercultural understanding.

We have been blown away by the talent of our children - and very disappointed at not being able to taste those amazing array of internationally focused desserts!