| Year 6

Y6 got to grips with the inner workings of the eye.

During STEM lessons this term, Y6 have been finding out about the colours that make up light. They discovered that the primary colours of light and paint differ and they were interested to know how we are able to see colours. Some children were aware that images are formed upside down in the eye but were unsure why.

In a recent lesson, the children were able to look at the parts that make up an eye, by looking at a model of a human eye and then observing the dissection of a lamb’s eyeball, labelling each part as it was identified. Those who wished to were able to look in more detail at the parts of the eye and feel the lens.

The children found out about the specialised cells on the retina that allow humans to see in colour and also what similar colours look like to different animals as they have different photoreceptor cells than humans.