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Year 4 have been enjoying their new enquiry led science curriculum this term.

The children have been learning about changes of state, observing changes and measuring temperature using a variety of thermometers. This week, they have been learning about changes of state looking at a variety of media.

Using a firepit in the woods, they carefully observed the visual changes taking place. They looked at how the fire altered from the initial lighting to becoming more established. They measured how the temperature varied over time with a digital thermometer. They then observed how ice behaved when subjected to a heat source and how rapidly the melting process took place. They discussed the transformations taking place within the fuel source too.

The children particularly enjoyed watching their marshmallows as they were exposed to the heat source, observing their changes from a solid to a liquid (an occasionally catching fire).

We look forward to offering them more outdoor learning opportunities as the weather (hopefully) improves.