| School Council

All the children who wanted to be on the school council made a speech to their class to say why they should be elected and why they would make a good rep. There was then a vote to decide who would be elected and the result announced. The school council will meet regularly during the school year to discuss issues; the reps must collect the views of their class and pass them on during School Council meetings. Then, they must let their class know what was discussed in the meeting The first meeting was held with Mrs Domone who outlined their roles, and responsibilities as school councillors. Everyone was very excited!

The new school councillors are:

Year 6 Simran (6D) Freya G (6M)
Year 5 Arun (5W) Sophie T (5P)
Year 4 Annika (4G) Hannah K (4R) Sophie B (4W)
Year 3 Alba (3C) Tameen (3P)
Year 2 Ella L (2B) Alice E-H (2CR)

Each class will have the school council charter displayed in their classroom together with a photograph of their rep.