| Year 3

The children in Year 3 have been learning about rocks and fossils in their STEM lessons this half term.

As part of their lesson this week, the children were given the challenge to make their own fossils out of salt dough. Live on the call and in the classroom, the children and adults made their salt dough from scratch. They carefully mixed together their flour, salt and water until they had formed their dough.

Then the fun part!

The children chose different things to ‘fossilise’ including dinosaurs, lego characters and even paw prints.

After ‘fossilising’ their toys (and even their own handprints), the children were set the challenge to learn about how fossils actually form. They watched videos, researched information online and completed their own illustrative description of the process. Lots of fun was had and the children are now fossil experts. Some of them even want to be palaeontologists when they are older!