| Year 1

The children in Year 1 have been very creative at home and in school for our whole school theme ‘The World is Our Oyster’. As our topic is about the world, we decided in our creative art lessons to make our own ships that we could use to go on adventures to different countries and sail the seven seas.

Initially, the children learnt the main parts of a ship and what they are used for. They then spent a lesson designing their own pirate ship flag and thought carefully about what to draw on it that represented them. They learnt that sometimes pirates liked to trick others and flew ‘friendly’ flags. When the other ship approached, they quickly switched it to their pirate flag and the battle would commence!

The children were then set a week long task to make their own ship at home using resources from around the house...The ships are all at different stages and we look forward to seeing the finished pieces next week!